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General Information

General Information

All non-resident hunters must first apply for a hunting license through a draw system. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you by personally handling your applications for each species you are interested in applying for.

All guided hunts are 2×1 to insure you receive the quality, time, and attention a successful hunt requires. 1×1 hunts can also be arranged for an extra fee. You may also apply as a party with up to 6 hunters in your group. Each hunter will be assigned his or her own guide. Normally, we will leave together as a group and split up for the hunt when we reach the destination for that day. The prices below are all inclusive. This means you will only need to bring your personal items.

We attempt to strategically limit the number of guided for each species. This allows us the ability to offer you a very PRIVATE hunt. Generally, if you are hunting with 4 or more partners, you will have the entire place to yourselves.

The deadline for non-resident license applications is generally January 31st for Elk, and May 31st for Deer and Antelope. Please call for availability. We may have a few openings AFTER the draw is conducted for those hunters who have already successfully applied for a license in our area. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to secure a hunt opening. 50% of your balance is due upon successfully drawing the license or 30 days prior to your arrival, whichever comes first. No refunds are allowed AFTER you have successfully drawn for a license. If you fail to draw a license, your deposit is fully refunded OR you can choose to leave the deposit in place to secure a spot for a hunt within the following season. Deposits held over are not refundable or subject to price increases. YOU MUST APPLY FOR A LICENSE THE YEAR FOLLOWING AN UNSUCCESSFUL APPLICATION. If you fail to DRAW for a license 2 years in a row, your deposit is refundable or subject to any price increases.

Guided hunts DO NOT INCLUDE the cost of your resident/non-resident license.

  • Elk Area: General 92, 84, 86, 87
  • Deer Area: Region H
  • Moose Area: 24-25
  • Antelope Area: 88-89

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