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Our Sublette County Location

Timberline lodge is located 35 miles West of Pinedale Wyoming and a 1 hour drive south East of Jackson Hole, WY. A regional airport is available in Pinedale for private planes while commercial flights are out of Jackson Hole.

The ranch is located on what is called the “Hoback Rim”.  Sublette County lies approximately 70 miles south of Jackson Hole, 100 miles north of Rock Springs and I-80, and 240 miles northeast of Salt Lake City, Utah.

In the 1800’s, the Green River Valley in Sublette County was the site of numerous mountain men rendezvous.  Fur trappers and traders from throughout the region would travel great distances to enjoy the festivities. Over the years, Sublette County has had its share of historical events.

No Tellum Ridge

No Tellum Ridge in Wyoming

No Tellum Ridge

“There’s a place just north of nowhere
Where the big ones tend to hide
I’ve seen them in the mountains
Over valleys deep and wide.

Age it is important,
But size does play its part,
They say you’ll never find it
If you haven’t got the heart.

Nothing short of records
Will be found amongst that land,
I’ve seen them crossing rainbows
To complete their final slam.

There’s elk that break four hundred
There’s rams that broom like fists
There’s deer that outclass Hanson,
There’s horns among the mist.

Very few have ever been there,
And those who have will never tell,
They say it’s just passed heaven
But its valleys pass through hell.

But if you ever find it
You’ll come across a bridge,
There’s a sign upon a fencepost
That reads ‘No-Tellum’ Ridge.'”